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Professional optometrists with great optical advice begins and ends with Vision Eye Health.


In order to provide you with sound eye health advice, specific to your needs, we take the time to get to know you. While some of our questions may seem unrelated, they really help us to understand you and how we can best look after your eyes. Bringing knowledge of your family and own past medical history is beneficial. Our standard eye examinations not only assess your need for an optical correction such as glasses or contact lenses but routinely include checks for diabetes, glaucoma and of your macula. If required, further investigations may include visual field testing of your optic nerve function and peripheral vision, OCT scans and retinal photography of your eyes. Our experienced therapeutically endorsed optometrists are able to write prescriptions for eye medications to keep the maintenance of your eye health an easy process.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to deliver knowledge so that you understand more about your eyes. The link below walks you through presbyopia, one of the natural ageing processes of the eye.




As an independent optometrist we have the flexibility to select and order from a variety of Australian manufacturers, to find the optimum design with advanced technology from around the world, giving you the best comfort and clarity of vision. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, right down to lens coatings with the highest degree of scratch resistance and ease of cleaning.


Trust our industry leading professionals to provide you with the best lens option for your specific needs and ensure your frames are fitting comfortably. We like to take the extra care you need to ensure your frames both look good and feel good.

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